Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Letter to Space Aliens

Let's face it, if Earth is ever going to have a supreme overlord he's not going to be from this planet. He's going to be some ultra-badass from another galaxy with technology enabling the rules of space and time to be bent. Think about the possibilities of what this alien overlord could have for our planet. Now think about the last comment you left on YouTube, or anywhere else for that matter.

Now let's say you were a being from space with the power to destroy or advance entire civilizations with the wave of a tentacle. Alien overlord you read the comment that actual you left on so-and-so's Face Book, if you were to judge the entire population of Earth on this one piece of writing would you...

A.Vaporize Earth and all of it's inhabitants.
B.Free the people of Earth of all their problems using your super-advanced technology.
C.Challenge Earth to a winner takes all match of Halo 3 for control of the galaxy.
D.Tell your space-wench to make you a sandwich and observe Earth from distance.

Next time you post anything on the internet, ask yourself this question: if I were to judge all of Earth on this one iota of text, what would our fates be?

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